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Your Purpose Will Give You Prosperity

I met Sylvia Hubbard, Detroit’s literary diva, some ten years ago when I attended one of her workshops. The most memorable part of the workshop is seeing her children there, one crawling under the table and she going about her business with the most pleasant attitude. As a new mom going crazy and wondering how I’m going to continue my writing career, I thought, “Oh, this is doable.”

We kept in contact and continued to watch each other grow as authors, especially as we’re both members of Detroit Working Writers. She went on to publish over forty books, five which became bestsellers, she won awards, and she continued to nurture Motown Writers Network which she founded decades ago. She did all this while raising three children on her own. 

“How did you do it?” I asked her when she came on my show last week. 

“I start off with the grace of God,” she said. “And the spirit of starting with myself, and making myself happy. Writing makes me happy.”

She found that, as a single mom, pursuing her dreams led her children to jump on board. It also helped her find creative ways to nurture their passion so that they got to do their own thing while she did her thing. This led her to see what lying looks like.

But initially it was her mother who geared her toward the power of writing and storytelling. When Sylvia was six years old,  whenever she’d lie about something, her mother would have her write the lie on paper.

“My pain became my pleasure,” she said. “I began to understand the power of storytelling.”

After Sylvia’s divorce, her mother also put her into focus. She said to her, “Your purpose will give you prosperity.” 

Evidently that advice was wise and true. 

Another factor that influenced her is hearing older people talk about what they wish they had done in their lives. Not wanting to live with the sense of regret made her invest the time to make her dreams come true. 

Watch this fun 30 minute interview that will inspire you to do what you love with passion and discipline.

To learn more about Sylvia Hubbard, or to order her new book, visit:  http://sylviahubbard.com 

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