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Interview with Rev. Kenneth Bunge, advisor to the Chaldean translation program

Reverend Kenneth Bunge was born in Monroe, Michigan and grew up there, graduating from Monroe High school in 1974. Later that year he began attending Concordia College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. By the end of the second year the College was accredited as a four-year school, and he remained there, earning a Bachelor of Arts in 1978, majoring in music. He stayed on one more year and took all language courses, finishing the program with a Major in Biblical Hebrew Studies in 1979. In the fall of that year, he spent two quarters at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. In the fall he switched gears and enlisted in the Air Force, serving as an Arabic and Hebrew linguist for twenty years.

Ken returned to Concordia Seminary in 2003, finished the program in 2006, and served as a pastor in Minnesota until 2009. That same year he joined Lutheran Bible Translators, taking the required coursework, and teaming up with Arabic Bible Translation in 2011 to help with the Chaldean translation program. He was with that project full-time until 2017. That year he accepted a call as pastor of First Lutheran Church in Lufkin, Texas. He remained project advisor to the Chaldean translation program, associated with Lutheran Bible Translators on a part time basis as he serves the Lufkin congregation full time.

Here is the link to Scripture Earth (scripture resources in thousands of languages) https://www.scriptureearth.org/00i-Scripture_Index.php Link to Chaldean (Neo-Aramaic) Syriac script https://www.scriptureearth.org/00i-Scripture_Index.php?sortby=lang&ISO_ROD_index=1165

Link to Chaldean (Neo-Aramaic) Arabic script https://www.scriptureearth.org/00i-Scripture_Index.php?sortby=lang&ISO_ROD_