Weam comes from a long lineage of Babylonian healers, wordsmiths, and book lovers. She has traveled the world, wrote over a dozen books, and established a career in media and film. She was taught the art of living by a number of spiritual masters including a man from India, a Native American who studied with the Tibetans, and bestselling author and mystic Lynn V. Andrews.

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“I’ve gained valuable knowledge and a lot of wisdom from each person and experience I’ve encountered, but the most important thing I learned is that we can write the story of our life through our thoughts, words, and actions. That’s what I try to teach in my sessions and workshops.”

What's Your Story


If you have a fascinating novel, memoir, or autobiography you want to write or publish, Weam can help you develop a plan for success so you can reach those goals.

One-Hour Writing and Publishing Consulting

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If you want to enhance your personal and business life, Weam can provide various ancient, sacred and creative teachings that will help improve your relationships and career.

One-Hour One-on-One Session

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Memoir Writing for Transformation Many writers choose memoir as a way to discover or regain their voice, share a family secret, or tell a story. The act of writing brings a sense of consciousness, a transformed self, and a deeper comprehension of the writer’s unique place in the world.

Effective Journaling: Journaling is transformative because it allows you to delve into your story with a sense of freedom, detachment and non-judgment. Once you express, absorb, interpret and act on the stories that block you from moving forward, you can write a new story for yourself.

Take Your Writing into the World: Once you write that poem, essay, novel, memoir, now what? How can you share your writing with the world?

Customized Workshops: Weam Namou has extensive experience with writing in various genres, working as a career journalist, publishing books, and journaling. She is able to customize workshops for writers and authors of all levels.


Transforming your Life Story: Weaving ancient teachings of consciousness learned from Babylonian heritage and in shamanic training, I use writing techniques to help you identify the story that’s leading your life, to release that story, and to write a new story.

Mesopotamian Goddesses: The Untold Stories This presentation is based on my most recent book released in January 2019. Explore the effect of history on the feminine consciousness.

The Two Mother Energies: The indigenous shaman women taught that there are two different mother energies that exist on earth. Once a person understands what their core mother energy is, they are able to know why they (and other people) behave the way they do and how they can heal and strengthen certain aspects of themselves. This workshop is for both men and women.

The Sacred Wheel Create balance in your life by recognizing and working on aspects in relation to the four directions: the South (physical), the West (emotional), the North (spirit), and the East (Intellectual).

For special projects, contact weamnamou@gmail.com or call (586) 231-6175