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Since launching her writing career over a decade ago, Weam Namou has done over a 150 radio interviews and dozens of speaking engagements.


■  This interviews was originally published by Oakland Press and then the next day by the following Digital Media publications.

■ Ken Hartman
■ Issues Today Radio
■ Trending Today USA by radio host Rusty Humphries
■ Don Rosen of WBEL (Janesville, WI)
■ Brian Wade and Leland Acker (KXYL Brownwood, Texas)
■ Stu Bryer at WICH (Norwich, Connecticut)
■ Gary Sutton (910 WSBA York, PA)
■January to May 2017 – L.A. radio show with Josh Darnell (every other Monday starting Jan 2nd)
■Starting Monday, November 14, and for the next 9 weeks, Weam Namou will be interviewed live every Monday by Los Angeles radio host Michael Long @ 5pm EST – Here’s the link

■ “You’re the most provocative person I’ve interviewed. You’re intelligent and brilliant and you never lost your femininity. I haven’t gone this much over an interview in 3 or 4 years.” Radio host Ed Tyll, who has been in the media business for over 40 years and in June 2016 had scheduled Namou for a 20 minute interview that went on for 80 minutes. Full interview:

(Conversations with Kai Mann)

N.Y. author John Gorman interviews namou

Sterling Heights Sentry newspaper features Iraqi Americans book series

Mesopotamian Art Forum hosted a night for musician Ahmad Barakat and filmmaker Weam Namou.
My Beloved Enemy is a documentary about Iraqis that settled in the USA, ten years after the war broke out. Weam Namou and her mother are interviewed in this documentary.

Namou is interviewed at a gathering of writers and intellectuals at the home of writer Dejlah Al Samawi.
Artists are the cultural ambassadors who, through their works of art, can bring forth understanding, friendship, and peace among different Regions of the world. Of those who follow this calling, there is Weam Namou Yatooma, a poet and novelist; Amer Hanna Fatuhi, a visual artist and historian; Sahir Al-Malih, a radio and TV producer and publisher; Salah Kulato, a theater artist and director; Sonia Diri, an actress, the late Rev. Jacob Yassor, pastor of Reverend Sacred Heart Chaldean Catholic Church, and more. They are Iraqi-born but have journeyed beyond borders and traveled between continents. They seek to use their talent to bring harmony to this world. Enabling them to achieve this dream is the community they created, the Iraqi Artists Association based in Michigan, USA. Ms. Weam Namou Yatooma, co-founder and the president of Iraqi Artists Association (IAA), shared with us their history. This association started in July of 2007. And it started because of some artists, Iraqi born artists, felt that there was a lack of community, not a lack of artists, a lack of community, a home where we can support each other’s work, more, and basically just work together. So about 3, 4 of us got together and we formed this organization.
Weam Namou was a guest on News Talk Online on She described the attacks by religious zealots in Iraq on artists, writers and intellectuals.

(book excerpt)
Arab Voices in Diaspora
Yasmeen S. Hanoosh, PhD, a professor at Portland State University describes the various Chaldean writers in Arab Voices in Diaspora, a book edited Layla Al Maleh.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Namou and her family as she receives Outstanding Contributions to the Arts Award from Erootha
The Free Dawn Hanna Committee
The Oakland Press – The Great American Family, a documentary, directed and produced by Weam Namou, aims to show innocence of woman convicted of conspiracy with video
Interview with Namou about her most recent work.