Interview with Dr. Yaacov Maoz, a Jewish Native Speaker of Aramaic

I met Dr. Yaacov Maoz last year when he traveled from Israel to Canada and the United States. He stopped at the Chaldean Museum and we discussed his interesting and very important projects. The Ezra and Nechemia immigration campaign of the 1950-1951 winter marked the peak of Aramit-speaking immigration to Israel. Some 100,000 Jews who…Read more »

A Day in Little Baghdad – المتحف الكلداني – The Chaldean Museum

Day 6 – Deacon Khairy Foumia recently visited the Chaldean Museum, the world’s first and only Chaldean museum. He’s an author of seven books, the most recent one called Catalogue Manuscripts of the Church in Telkeppe, which is 540 pages and written in Aramaic and Arabic. In it, he describes the 240 manuscripts he found…Read more »