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Interview with Loolwa Khazzoom, Iraqi-Israeli-American singer and writer

Iraqi-Israeli-American singer Loolwa Khazzoom has had a meandering career as a musician, dancer, writer, educator, and more, all with the central organizing principle of individual and collective healing. She is the singer, songwriter, and bass player for the band Iraqis in Pajamas, which combines ancient Iraqi Jewish prayer with original alternative and punk rock.

Her music, writing, and other work has been featured in top media including The New York Times and Rolling Stone; she has performed and presented at leading venues including Harvard University and the Simon Wiesenthal Center; and she has published two books, taught throughout the Ivy League and at universities nationwide – The Flying Camel: Essays on Identity by Women of North African and Middle Eastern Jewish Heritage and Consequence: Beyond Resisting Rape. Khazzoom offers up her unique blend of ancient, sacred, and original music as the catalyst for deep healing and transformation, on the levels of heart, mind, soul, and body.