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The Jobs Club

I met Luther Taylor III last month when he asked me to speak at The Jobs Club, a career/support group that meets at Renaissance Unity in Warren and Unity of Royal Oak. He explained that he volunteers as a program coordinator for The Jobs Club, where he helps job seekers find work and entrepreneurs increase their business through networking. He also teaches beginners how to use LinkedIn for either their job search or for business purposes, use time management when schedule program, and much more.

The first thing I noticed about Luther is his professionalism, knowledge and a sincere compassion about helping others succeed in life. I have great respect for people who want to make a difference in the lives of individuals and in the community at large. Their stories are often so inspirational, they leave us feeling that we’ve learned and grown as a result of their experiences.  

Luther comes from a generation of workaholics on his paternal side of the family. He says, “My father was a workaholic, my grandfather was a workaholic, and his father before that was a workaholic. We always worked hard, sweated, accomplished many different tasks, and learned the true value of a dollar.”

Coming from a respectable family his mother taught his choices, and his father taught him responsibilities.

“Knowing I have to start somewhere below and work my way up, I had to soon learn to stand on my own two feet because I didn’t want my parents to carry me through forever,” he said.

After graduating from high school, he received his Associate Degree from a community college a few years later. Having a strong interest in computers, he felt it was time to enter into the workforce. He started searching for a job and found it was difficult. Back then, we didn’t have the Internet, text messengers, cell phones, iPods’, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Indeed.com. He did things the old fashioned way which was looking through the want-ads, going to job fairs, applying at different contracting companies, and spending some days at the unemployment office.

“I learned that I was now in the real world,” he said.  “I had to face rejections and disappointments like everyone else. But out of all of this I grew up some, and learned to be grateful for things I do have.”

In March 1993, he found his first temporary job, and for 10 ½ years, I worked different contracting jobs either being a fill-in or an extra. It was hard at first moving from one company to another, but after a while he grew used to it.

“Some worked out and some didn’t,” he said, “but out of each one of the temporary jobs I learned a lot on what it’s like meeting deadlines, dealing with stress, how the companies run, and how to deal with people. “

In September 2003, Luther found his first permanent job. He was grateful to have finally found a place to settle at where it paid good money and had great benefits. In June 2008, he heard about the job searchers group and sat in on one of their meetings.

“I didn’t think it was for me at first because I had a permanent job, but people looked at me and saw that this person was really into careers and life,” he said. “Then two years later in July 2010, I was surprised they asked me to take over. When I took over and renamed it Jobs Club, I didn’t think I had the leadership experience, but many people saw in me that I could do it, I can make a different in people’s lives.”

Luther says that it was hard the first few months, but with God’s help, he came up with ideas on what he needed to do to make it better and convenient for anyone that wanted to participate. It can be job seekers looking for work, entrepreneurs looking to increase their business, retirees wanting to go back to work, college graduates looking for a promising opportunity, speakers who would like to share inspiring lessons to help us on our journey, or anyone that enjoys social media.

“With me having come a long way, and being blessed, I want to give and show with my expertise that they themselves are blessed,” he said. “They can do anything if they have a plan, have patience, and the support they need.”

The Jobs Club is for anyone who wants to find a career or to start their own dream business.

“We all have stories to share, and we need to support one another,” he said. “Many people are now saying that Jobs Club is an awesome group, and people are not just getting jobs, but they’re also getting hope, motivation, happiness, and learning experiences.”

People are able to network, share ideas, meet new people, and plan for a better tomorrow.

“I guess I proved to myself I can really accomplish something,” said Luther.

He sure did!

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