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Interview with Jane Shallal, President & CEO of United Community Family Services (UCFS)

As President & CEO of United Community Family Services (UCFS) – Chaldean American Ladies of Charity (CALC), Jane has overall strategic and operational responsibility for UCFS/CALC. UCFS/CALC is a human service non-profit organization and located in Troy, Michigan. Since its inception in 1961, it has impacted the lives of countless thousands of families in Michigan. Jane has dedicated over 28 years to assisting immigrants, refugees, homeless and low-income families in Michigan through her service with UCFS/CALC. As a community advocate, she has served on numerous committees and worked closely with the various federal, state and local agencies and organizations. Not only has Jane worked to increase the breadth of services of UCFS/CALC, but she has also dedicated her time to strengthening and growing other important causes for the underserved.

Here’s a link to the website https://www.ucfamilyservices.org/¬†

Also check out a cookbook published by UCFS which includes 120 chefs and countless Chaldean / Iraqi recipes  https://www.amazon.com/Ma-Baseema-Eastern-Cooking-Chaldean/dp/1932399259