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An Inspiring Immigrant Story

Claudia Compos Vargas saw me speak at an event one day and afterward reached out offering to help me with marketing my business. We had lunch, she came to the Path of Consciousness retreat, and we became friends. I’m very grateful for the people I meet, all who are making the world a brighter place through their inspiring stories and wonderful services. 

Claudia is originally from Mexico City and came to Michigan as a teenager through the work of her father, Sam Campos. Her father was transferred to work for a Mexican company that serves to the automotive industry in Southfield. The job was a two year position that was increased to a permanent position in which her family made Michigan their home. Claudia attended Lahser High School in Bloomfield Hills, and went on to attend Oakland Community College, and Baker College.

Her parents at an early age showed her to be active and help out others. Her mother,        Lucy, was also an active participant of the Hispanic community working for the Mexican Consulate. Through the sample of her parents Claudia learned the importance of helping others. It is through her volunteering that she discovered a need for representation of honest business offering their services to the Spanish speaking communities in Michigan. That’s when she founded CVG Marketing, a multi cultural advertising agency that helps businesses grow by tapping a market projected to be worth 1.7 trillion dollars. 


Detroit’s Hispanic population has more than doubled in the two decades since immigration to the region began in the 1990s. There are an estimated 400,000 Hispanics in Michigan, more than half of whom live in metro Detroit. There are an estimated 58.9 million Hispanic people in the United States, comprising 18.1% of the population.

America is uniquely a nation of immigrants, created by settlers who arrived from elsewhere. They intentionally invited and encouraged others to follow them and for the most part didn’t make the process complicated. Furthermore, the United States made it essential to equalize the conditions of both new citizens and old. And this has been one of the reasons behind this land’s blessings. Yet only those who understand and appreciate what this land has to offer will receive those blessings. 


For more information about Claudia and her marketing company, visit http://www.cvgmarketing.com/