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A New Chapter in Female Reproductive Physiology

Over three decades ago, Dr. Kuldeep Verma invented an entirely new medical concept in women – that the oxidation reduction status of the uterus at the time of conception influences the outcome of fetal gender. This redox status alternates between two consecutive menstrual cycles. Conception in one kind of environment leads to boys and vice versa. This led to the development of the world’s first real preconception gender planning test as well as earliest fetal gender detect test.

“All women have alternating boy-girl-boy-girl specific cycles naturally,” said Dr. Verma. “And this phenomenon is genetically controlled. Hormones in their natural concentrations are extremely powerful.”

Dr. Verma successfully tested about 1500 preconception samples to prove the point and 92% couples were naturally getting the baby of their choice just by conceiving in the right cycle. The success rate has increased today to 94%. This is without any medications, gender diets, douches, moon theories, etc.

“I discovered that the conception locks the existing redox environment till the fetus is miscarried or delivered,” he said. “She stops alternating after conception just like she stops menstruating. This is a new chapter in female reproductive physiology which will soon find its way to medical books.”

Dr. Verma has long history of accomplishments as a biochemist. In 1976, he won President Invention Award in India for inventing a portable micro filtration as little as two drops using in-built vacuum as well as pressure.  As a research associate in molecular biology in North Carolina State University, he successfully created genetic libraries, isolated and validated a gene for esterase enzyme from pesticide resistant insect and recommended its use in soil bioremediation. Now it’s a full-fledged department at NCSU. It is there that he also developed a new way to manufacture an iodinated chemical and demonstrated its effectiveness in deactivating reverse transcriptase enzyme of HIV virus.

“This has the potential of controlling HIV virus,” he said. “My son used this data to get admission to medical school”

For a decade, Dr. Verma worked for the Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant, which process one billion gallons of water per day. He observed that the management is being played by corrupt suppliers and contractors by selling harmful and useless chemicals to the plant. The plant was buying chemicals worth $150 million per year and then spent approximately $75 million per year to repair the problems caused by these chemicals which including enormous foaming, explosions and corrosion of machinery and tank walls.

“Foam used to come out of building and filled the roads,” he said. “I suggest to the management that I can solve these problems if I am allowed to study the redox potential of water throughout the plant. There were some visionaries who agreed. Within a year, he provided effective solutions to dewatering and foaming problems in the plant. Since then, the foaming issue has been completely eliminated. DWTP won an award on efficiency in 2017. He continued developing and patenting new approaches to wastewater processing, advising operators to add chemical based on oxidation reduction potential of water rather than pH, BOD, DO.

“The local steel industries and chemical suppliers hated me because they could not now dump their ferrous chloride waste in rivers or lakes due to EPA regulations and also because I exposed them for selling inferior product to the City of Detroit,” he said. “They forced the management to kick me out. I preferred to retire and pay full attention to my own business, Urobiologics. I’m so glad I did.”

His dedication to this work has helped thousands of couples from all over the world, for an affordable cost, have a balanced family. Couples in current economic conditions cannot afford large families. The practice of just keep trying to get one baby of desired gender leads to multiple babies of same gender.

“Soon the blame-game starts and leads to domestic violence,” he said. “In absence of any scientific method, this continued, but no more. We think that smaller balanced families will make happy communities with lesser spousal abuse or domestic violence.”

Dr. Verma explained that whereas man provides both X and Y chromosome bearing sperms, the uterus preferentially selects either X or Y, depending upon the kind of cycle she is in. By collecting urine samples at home, women from any country can ship them through couriers of their choice at their own cost. It is perfectly legal to ship urine samples across international borders under “Exempt human Specifications.”

“Pregnancies are occurring anyway, why not target the conception to balance the family?” he asks, adding that it’s simple. “To conceive a boy, try in a boy cycle. To conceive a girl, try in a girl cycle.”

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This is how PreGender Preconception test works.