Healer’s Almanac: Journey into Health

Alternative medicine has become popular because treatments such as acupuncture, massage, osteopathy, yoga, meditation and nutritional therapy treat the whole person –  body, mind, emotions, and spirit — with the focus on staying balanced and well. Patients are seeking less invasive, non-drug, low-cost methods to strengthen their good health. In her search for a way…Read more »

Books, Writers, and Lavender Lovers

Surrounded by the pleasant and healing aroma of lavender, over a hundred book and lavender lovers, many who are writers, sat outside and enjoyed a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the Yule Love it Lavender Farm to celebrate the publication of Iris Lee Underwood’s first novel, The Mantle, which took over 20 years to write. We drank lavender lemonade…Read more »

A Walk Through Time

“Memories play a pivotal role in storytelling whether you’re interested in writing short stories, children’s books, creative non-fiction, a memoir, or a novel,” says Cheryl Crabb. “Memories can provide backstory and help reveal and develop character, but they also have the power to propel your narrative forward in interesting ways. That said, for many writers,…Read more »