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If you have a fascinating novel, memoir, or autobiography you want to write or publish, Weam can help you develop a plan for success so you can reach those goals.

One-Hour Writing and Publishing Consulting

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Memoir Writing for Transformation Many writers choose memoir as a way to discover or regain their voice, share a family secret, or tell a story. The act of writing brings a sense of consciousness, a transformed self, and a deeper comprehension of the writer’s unique place in the world.

Effective Journaling: Journaling is transformative because it allows you to delve into your story with a sense of freedom, detachment and non-judgment. Once you express, absorb, interpret and act on the stories that block you from moving forward, you can write a new story for yourself.

Take Your Writing into the World: Once you write that poem, essay, novel, memoir, now what? How can you share your writing with the world?

Customized Workshops: Weam Namou has extensive experience with writing in various genres, working as a career journalist, publishing books, and journaling. She is able to customize workshops for writers and authors of all levels.