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Promote Your Business by Being a Guest on my Half-Hour TV Show

  • Be a guest and show your inspiring story.
  • Bring awareness to your business, products, and services.
  • Receive a video file of the interview which you can share on your website, Facebook page, and other social media.
  • You’ll be interviewed by an award-winning author and seasoned journalist.
  • The 30 minute segment is recorded live on 7 different social media platforms (LinkedIn, 4 Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube, and later on Instagram).
  • The interview will also be on my Anchor podcast which is distributed to Spotify.   Anchor is the leading podcast platform in most countries, including US, UK, Brazil, Germany and 137 other countries.
  • It will also air twice a week on CMN TV, a TV station in the City of Troy that reaches 140,000 households in 11 cities in Oakland Country.

After you submit your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation and a scheduling option with further instructions.

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