I am a writer, filmmaker, and speaker focusing on communication, creativity, and writing as a therapeutic and transformational tool that could change us on an individual, community, and worldwide basis.

I’m available to work with individuals, groups, classes, and organizations.


Promote Your Business Through a Half-Hour TV Show

  • Be a guest and share your inspiring story
  • Bring awareness to your business, products and services
  • Receive a video file for your website, Facebook Page and social media

To learn more, contact Weam at weamnamou@gmail.com or by calling 586-231-6175


Hermiz Publishing, Inc. provides indie and self-publishing consulting, book packages, and ghostwriting. The company has been in business for over 13 years and has produced quality books that have won awards, such as the Eric Hoffer Book Award, and received many acclaimed reviews, including from Publishers Weekly.

We can help you with indie-publishing (working with a professional team) or by providing consult for self-publishing (doing everything yourself).

Indie-Publishing Packages ($2000)

If your manuscript is complete, our professional team will provide the step-by-step publishing process:

  1. Edit and proofread the book (up to 60,000 words)
  2. Create a book design
  3. Provide an ISBN number
  4. Provide a Library of Congress Catalog Number
  5. Format the book for print and eBook, including iMobi and EPUB
  6. Upload it to CreateSpace, Smashwords, and Kindle, and IngramSpark
  7. Provide professional marketing advice to get started

Self-Publishing Consulting ($300)

This service is for writers who have their manuscripts read and need help with the step-by-step self-publishing process, including uploading files to the various distribution platforms.


If you have a fascinating memoir or autobiography you want to get out but you don’t have the time or expertise to write it, I can produce your story into a book. The process will include extensive interviews, research, editing and rewriting.

If you are serious about turning your story into a book, are willing to commit the time and have the necessary budget, contact me for further details about this service weamnamou@gmail.com

Coaching You Through the Book Process:

Do you have a book in you that you want to write? What’s required to write a book? What happens after you write the book? How do you get published? Writers need discipline, passion and working with numerous authors, editors, agents, and publishers to hone their craft.

Whether you’re a beginning writer or a published author, I can help you reach the next level of your career the way others have helped me. This includes:

1) Career development for beginners and established writers
2) Feedback on your work-in-progress
3) Inspiration, motivation, and confidence in your work
4) Time management
5) Business and marketing skills including web and social media
6) Advice on submissions and agents/publishers

Fees start at $60 per hour and vary depending on the work involved. For more information, email me weamnamou@gmail.com


Transform Your Life’s Narrative by Turning Your Story into Magic:
“We write the story of our lives in a very radical way, with the pen of our mental seeds.” Geshe Michael Roach, The Diamond Cutter

We are the authors of our story. Through storytelling, we can create a new interpretation of our lives that takes us out of our past and into the present and a new future. We live in the story that we tell ourselves about the world.

I will help you learn spiritual practices, explore your creativity, complete projects, and lead a healthier family life by:

1) Identify the story that is leading your life
2) Begin to release that story
3) Decide which story you want for your next chapter

Individual sessions are approx.  75 minutes / $75 a session. 
For more information, contact weamnamou@gmail.com