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A Day in Little Baghdad – بط – Ducks

My family recently went on a weekend getaway and experienced restfulness that was encompassed by nature and silence.

While lively debates can bring forth innovate ideas and are a good exercise for the mind, language can oftentimes be a barrier to higher communication. There’s an instinctual way to listen and share ideas that is not through verbal words.  That’s what nature teaches, and yet, even though it has increased the divorce rate, people insist that verbal communication is the foundation of an everlasting marriage, a union between people.  

Too much noise is currently plaguing our brains and bodies, preventing us from listening to our body’s natural signals and from hearing our inner voice. People are therefore having more difficulty with self-acceptance let alone accepting others. In silence, we discover that the definition of success centers around our internal balance and day-to-day contentment.

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